Free Download WP Rocket Plugin v3.6.2.1 Latest Version 2020

WP Rocket Premium Plugin Free Download for WordPress:- If the speed of your website is very slow, you can increase the speed of your website by 2 times using this plugin, it Premium Wp Rocket plugin, which is most popular, this wp rocket plugin is being used the most.

By the way, many plugins for WordPress are also free, such as w3 total cache or wp super cache, breeze plugin etc available on the online platform, but good wp rocket is working out of all plugins, but this premium plugin is only on purchasing it. People are able to use it, but I will tell you a way to buy wp rocket premium plugin for free.

Wp rocket premium plugin has many features, you can use any features easily, such as customizing your website by going to media options, Pre-loading, real loading and optimizing your website’s database, such as the settings given, you can set up the settings to increase the speed of your website by visiting any of those settings. The best thing is Cloudflare and sucuri etc. The connection can be added.

If the speed of your website is very low, meaning the page loading is too much, which is taking too long to open, then you have nothing to worry No need, you can increase the speed of your website very fast within 5 minutes. You can do very little page loading, which will open your website in 30 seconds to 1 second, just use the wp rocket premium plugin for free.

What is WP Rocket Premium WordPress Plugin?

WP Rocket Plugin
WP Rocket Plugin

Wp rocket is a WordPress plugin which has become very popular worldwide, which bloggers are using the most, this plugin increases the speed of the website and the virus that the website gets is automatic clean. Goes and clears all the cache of the website.

Wp rocket plugin increases website speed, so people are using it the most, it is a premium plugin, starting at $ 49, In which a website is uploaded for 1 year and gets updates for 1 year free.

Talking about the second plan, it is $99, which is available for 1 year. In which three websites can add and talk about the third plan, it is $ 249, which is Violet for 1 year, in which you can add unlimited website. If your website is more, then definitely use the $ 249 plan.

If you are a popular blogger, then you must know, the faster the website speed, the faster Google indexing the website means the website is ranked, That’s why most people use the wp rocket plugin, which can create speeds of less than 1 second if you want to improve the speed of your website, then definitely use WP Rocket Premium plugin, which includes 1-second speed Get it within 1 minute.

If you don’t know about WP Rocket Plugin and don’t even know about its features, then there is no need to worry, we have completed WP Rocket Plugin The features are about to be written down, you can read all those features well, you can download and use the free WP Rocket Premium plugin for free.

WP Rocket v3.6.2.1 – Caching Plugin for WordPress Features

If you do not know the information about the features of WP Rocket, then from here you will be able to get information about all the features of WP Rocket Premium Plugin, so read the information below carefully.

  • Cache:- This option is most used in WP Rocket, because the cache loading speed on the website can increase and do not want to show the post immediately, so turn this option on Do and avoid all kinds of problems and see the demo working immediately.
  • File Optimization:- You can optimize your website’s database and all types of files, it includes files like minify html, optimize google fonts, minify css, file removal, jquery migration, manifest files, load javascript etc. Keep your database optimized by ticking on it, so that the loading speed can be reduced and the speed of the website can be increased.
  • Media:- If you publish more images on your website, it reduces the speed of your message, so by using the media option, you get a lot of options Will meet. Just like image video youtube open all these options, this will stop the speed of your images and videos and increase the speed of your website.
  • Preload:- This option is to protect the side, as you generate a sitemap on Google webmaster, for that one select this option, on your side That all the posts are cleaned, clears their cache and quickly the posts are indexed on Google webmaster, so select the option on all of them.
  • Advanced Rules:- In this option you can remove cookies of your website, it contains many boxes, save any box as desired, enter their ID and Automatically your website will be removed from the cell, so that the immediate work will be seen immediately.
  • Database:- With this option, all the removal or spamming containers of your WordPress will be automatically removed after fixing everything, ie comment spam, prostate comment, Prostate post, drop post spam All content will be deleted in 1 second. Therefore, you can choose the day or disaster according to your wish.
  • CDN:- Do you know the meaning of cdn, I am telling you. Cdn is a very fast service, which can speed 1 minute to 1 second. So do use CDN, you have Cloudflare and other platforms to connect cdn, you can setup cdn by connecting to them.
  • Heartbeat:- This option stops automatic services, stops all services that are automatically saved, then asks to update manually, so it fix them.
  • Add-ons:- In this, you are going to get many options, such as Google Analytics, Facebook’s Barnes can connect platforms like Cloudflare, sucuri etc.
  • Image Optimization:- Using this option you can protect your image means that you can also make your image size 1kb to 1MB, using it can reduce all image loading. Therefore, the speed of your website will also be fast.

Demo of WP Rocket Plugin for WordPress

If you have never seen a live demo of WP Rocket Premium Plugin, now you don’t need to go anywhere, we are showing you a demo of WP Rocket Plugin Premium below, which will come to your mind after seeing this planning, We must buy, so before buying, read this post thoroughly and download this WP Rocket plugin for free.

Demo Link:-

Free Download WP Rocket Premium Plugin v3.6.3 Latest Version for WordPress

If you are searching on Google, how to download wp rocket premium plugin for free, then you do not need to open any website now, because we are sharing WP rocket premium plugin for free on this website, Which will download the last one and will be able to use all the premium features for free.

Downloading is also very simple, all you will find is the download link lying below, copy this link and paste it on Google Chrome, then on searching it will be called Director The WP Rocket plugin will start downloading and follow the methods below to install.

  • First of all download the WP Rocket plugin.
  • Now before installing you have to delete the other caching plugin.
  • Now you have to upload this plugin directly to WordPress and click on install button.
  • Now it will be installed shortly and you have to set up all the settings of WP Rocket plugin from it. We can set up and read the features that we have mentioned above.

Download Link:-


If you are searching on Google and our website is the first on your device, then congratulations, you will be able to download the Direct WP Rocket plugin.

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