Free Download Slider Revolution Plugin v6.2.17 [ Full Package]

Free Download Slider Revolution Responsive Plugin for WordPress – Are you looking to add a responsive content cylinder to your WordPress site, if you want, you need to go somewhere Is not. In this post, we are sharing the premium WordPress plugin for free, which you will be able to download for free.

Today millions of websites are being created on Google, which is the most popular WordPress site, which requires a WordPress plugin, but according to the content plugin, so If people use a website with an image, then they will definitely want to use the Slider Resolution Responsive WordPress plugin.

Many features have been added to the Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin, if your site supports icons, meaning a website with icons is created, you can use it. This icon shows through a cylinder or is a website with images. Can use it.

Image sliders show, if you use the post, your post will be able to open through the image. So if you want to install it, a very good website will appear, which will be the image cylinder on your website, meaning the image will move from one set to the next.

What is Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin?

Free Download Slider Revolution Plugin
Free Download Slider Revolution Plugin

If you do not know the slider revolution Responsive WordPress plugin, then I am going to tell you. This is a WordPress website plugin, using which you can place sliders inside the homepage or post of your website, which can show the slider with images or icons. Or you can show the image slider through content.

You can also put in such footer or header, slider revolution responsive WordPress plugin will have to pay $ 29 to buy it, only then you will be able to buy it for $29.

But don’t worry, we are sharing you slider revolution Responsive WordPress plugin for free, you can download and install it on your WordPress for free.

Can add all media including images and icons in slider revolution plugin. If you want to play the video through slider, then introduce the URL of this video and upload your youtube videos or your own video through the slider, so if you want to show it well too, then use this slider revolution plugin Do it In which the features are filled, which are given unlimited templates and also, which can be used by choosing the template according to their wish.

Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin Features

  • This plugin has a very powerful visual editor.
  • All the layout is responsive in this slider regulation plugin, which will look at the different layout on Android device and on window device, it is fully responsive.
  • Will be able to use this plugin without coding, it will not require any coding knowledge.
  • In it you will also get the video slider and also the image slider, from which you want to use the slider, you can open that option, along with the dark user interface. Will happen.
  • Very fast image and video loading, which opens the page within 1 second.
  • An in-depth animation option is given, which is used to make the slider look very beautiful.
  • In this plugin you will get 200 templates, which you want to use, you can make your website design state-of-the-art.
  • 20+ add-ons can be applied with effects, which will make the image look great and infects look beautiful, so you can add any effects.
  • In this you will find a media library, which will be given a lot of media, you can choose any videos and put it on the home page or add content or add your own media.

Live Demo/Preview of Slider Revolution Plugin v6.2.17 for WordPress

For example, if you want to download any product or file, or want to buy anything, first of all you want to see a demo or preview of that thing. That’s why we are showing the demo of the slider plugin if you like its demo and like all the features, then you can download it for free from our website.

Demo Link:-

Free Download Slider Revolution v6.2.17 Latest Version – WordPress Premium Slider Plugin

If you want to download slider premium plugin for free, you do not need to open any website, because we are sharing you slider WordPress plugin in this post.

Which you will find in the latest version and it is a premium employee, which not everyone can buy. That is why we share some of the poor for free, so that they can experience themselves and become successful in their blogging.

Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress plugin has to be downloaded because below you must have given a link to a Mediafire, copy that link and go to your browser and paste it And have to search.

Then download button will come, click on that download button, as soon as it starts downloading.

Download Link:-

Free Download Slider Revolution Addons

This is a great cylinder. If you are not finding a slider in it, use it, it will have many sliders, you can choose any one cylinder, you can use it by following the methods given below.

Note: To install or use slider revolution add-ons you have to install this file as a plugin, which you have to go to the WordPress dashboard And you have to open the plugin option and click on the newly added ones, then upload the zip file, then you can install it by clicking on the install button. All add-ons will be added after this is activated.

Download link:-

Free Download Pre-made Pro Templates for WordPress

If you want to change the very template and choose the template that you want, then we are giving you a lot of templates below, which is a premium, but we are giving it to you for free. To download it, you should follow the methods below and know how to install it.

First, click on the link from below and download all the templates by pasting and then download the template as per your wish, then you need to upload slider revolution Upload the zip file by clicking on the “Manual Import” button of the plugin.

If the template of your choice is not found, we are sure to comment, we will upload soon.

Download link:-


If you are a WordPress user, you will definitely need a WordPress plugin, that is why we have created a website for all of your WordPress plugins and themes, in this, you can search the theme or plugin as per your wish and get it for free. Can download only. Because we allow downloading theme or plugin for free

If you have liked the slider revolution plugin very much, then share it with your friends on social media and if you have any issues, from this website Tell us in the comments if related to related or plugin theme. Thank you..!

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