Free Download Divi Theme v4.9.2 [With Premade 1247+ Layouts] 2021

In this article we are going to tell you, giving an update of Free Download Divi Theme Latest Version 2020, if you are thinking that this is an old version, then we will give you Also sharing which will be able to download Divi Theme Premium free on August 2020.

Do you know what is the most popular WordPress theme, if you don’t know then I am going to tell you, the most popular theme of WordPress is Divi, which is a very powerful theme. , Who can customize it with one click, the design of this theme has been given very favorable, which has all kinds of options in it, you can design your Divi theme by choosing those options.

Free Download Divi Theme

Divi theme can be used on all types of websites, such as it is used on a blog or website site, whether it is used in any category website. can do.

Divi Theme, being popular, it has a lot of features that everyone wants to use, because of the option to use drag and drop visual editor in it We have also given, which can make the level of the page of any website in the best way, whatever layout you want according to your desire and the website design of TAN becomes very good.

What is Divi Theme for WordPress?

Free Download Divi Theme 2020

Divi theme is also the most popular WordPress theme and an ultimate page builder, which also has modules in it, which helps to create a beautiful website.

This theme can be used in many categories, such as hundreds of free layouts are available in it, which are not in every theme. You can create website layouts with demo import with one click and also give the theme a great look from the editor.

Divi Theme has the best drag and drop features, which will allow you to edit the theme by choosing your own page builder. Meaning that you can make it for yourself and according to your own size and you can also draw it by stretching its size.

The Divi theme offers many options, such as designing the layout and text editing as well as custom CSS, which will be able to edit the website with one click through its coding.

Divi theme is a premium theme that not everyone can buy it because of $89 plan or $249 plan. Which is not a matter of everyone, that one can buy such an expensive plan. That is why we share the premium plan for them for free. If you also want to download the premium plan for free, you can download it from below.

Divi theme is created by Elegant Themes, which is considered one of the most popular WordPress theme company in the whole world, divi theme company is very popular, which is quite a theme Let’s get private. If you too will use it, then there are plugins after this, you can also use them for free.

Divi Theme – The Ultimate WordPress Theme Core Features

Drag & Drop Building:- When editing your website, drag and reduce the layout of the theme means that the website can add elements to the front end of the theme and move it, no coding is required, without coding. Can only design

True Visual Editing:- When editing your website, you can see it immediately, which means to design your page in real-time and see the results immediately. Edit the website theme with some new knowledge.

Custom CSS Control:- Using this option, developers can very easily customize the theme to their website, because one can design the best by coding, just Design it with one click and get your website theme.

Responsive Editing:- This Divi theme works 100% on all devices, works easily on mobile and tablet only, a beautiful responsive website is easy to build and all types Let’s show on the devices, the website theme will look great, the theme will be activated in every device according to your device.

Design Options Galore:- The Divi theme offers thousands of design options that you can enjoy, you can design any theme, the design is very Let’s do it in a short time.

Inline Text Editing:- You can also start writing on the home page, such as writing and displaying text while editing on any page, drop and drag and stretch Turn on your typing speed immediately and see the results immediately.

Save & Manage Your Designs:- Can manage and manage unlimited custom designs, using the saved data to start a new page. And see it as your theme. Meaning that by exporting any Divi theme, you can import the data in your placement, then your theme will look the same way.

Global Elements & Style:- Divi theme global elements and settings for designing a website are also given, which can create a website design using those settings, Not only a page builder, it also has many features, using them can create a website design.

Undo, Redo & Revisions:- Divi theme works like an application, easily everyone can customize the website, website design with one click Make, which can show very beautiful.

Live Demo / Preview of Divi Theme v4.5.1 for WordPress

In today’s time, every blogger wants to see a demo of a WordPress theme. Because before installing, everyone can see the frame of the WordPress theme, what kind of theme they can customize, similarly we demo every theme on our website, so we are going to show you the full demo of the Divi theme WordPress below Let’s click on a link and see the Divi theme.

Demo Link:-

What’s New in Divi Template v4.5.1 – The Ultimate Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

The option that pulls towards the answer and mode has been corrected, because the problem occurred a few days ago, in the old version, so the new version has fixed this problem.

  • Also, in this new version, the flowing background has also been added, which can change the background of the page.
  • Php 7.4+ has passed the passing parameter to be used in reverse order.
  • As you know, there was some problem in the old version, those problems have been fixed in the new version and new features have also been added.
  • Ui has also been improved.

Free Download Divi Theme 4.5.1 Latest Version – Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

If you have searched this Divi theme on Google, then you must be thinking to download, now you have come to this website, then you must have read the features.

Now we are sharing the link to download the direct Divi theme, you have to copy this link and open your google chrome and paste it in the URL and search, then the download button will appear, He has to download the zip file by clicking on the download button.

Download Link:-

Free Download Divi Premade Layouts (Premium Templates)

We are giving you some packages, which have been given layout from 171, in them, you will get more than 1267 layouts, which can be imported into your website by importing them, then you can customize the website like those layout.

  • If you want to import the layout on your website, first click on the link given below.
  • You will get the link of Media Fire, download by him, which you want.
  • Now you can use wordpress >> Dashboard >> Divi >> Divi Library >> Import & Export.
  • Now click on the Import tab button and any player is downloaded, chain the JSON file, then click on Import Device Builder Layout.
  • Sir this layout will successfully connect to your WordPress in a few seconds.

Download Link:-

FAQs Divi Theme for WordPress

Can I use the Divi theme for free?

Baise is a Divi theme premium, which has to be purchased for $ 89 and $ 249, but we give the option to download it for free, which you will be able to download for free.

Should you use this free theme?

Yes, friends should use this theme, because this free license comes with the GPL license, which you want to use it for free.

Can this theme be updated?

Yes, you can update it, but in this, you can update the Divi theme by coming to the website.

Does it have a visual preview?

Yes, it has a visual preview, which can see its demo as soon as the website theme is edited.


Hope you have liked this theme better than WordPress, if you have downloaded this theme for free, then let us know in the comment box and if there is any problem, then you can like the post, then definitely share it. Thank you..!

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