Astra Pro Addon Plugin v2.6.3 Free Download Latest Version With GPL

Astra Pro Addon Free Download for WordPress (Astra Pro Plugin) – If you are a blogger or website developer, then this post is going to be very helpful for you, as we in this post Sharing the Astra pro plugin for free, through which you will be able to set up the Astra theme because this way the setup of the theme requires Astra pro addon premium, people who are able to buy it very rarely.

Astra theme is used on a WordPress platform, which also has a WordPress plugin available, it is very easy to set up the Astra theme, as it is set up by just a few options. No coding is required. You can set up the entire theme without coding. Design your website within 5 minutes with just a few options.

Astra theme and plugin developer by brainstorm force has released. This WordPress theme is an attraction on all devices, meaning that this astra theme is using all popular websites. Because of this, it is fast loading and opens in 1 second, because it is designed by jQuery and JavaScript. It has all the premium page builders set up the plugin and can set up a theme like this within 5 minutes.

What is Astra Pro Plugin for WordPress?

Astra Pro Addon Plugin
Astra Pro Addon Plugin

Astra pro plugin is a WordPress plugin, released by Astra theme, this Astra pro plugin is used to set up the Astra theme. If you are unable to set up the Astra theme, then in the free version you will need the Astra pro plugin, so request you, if you want to set up the Astra theme, then download our given Astra theme, then your WordPress Customize the theme easily, you can design the website within 1 or 5 minutes without any coding.

Astra pro addon is supposed to be a setting of sorts, as the Astra team provides users with more customization setting, with features in Astra being available, we can use this plugin Below we will explain about some features, you can read and apply those features in Astra theme, because if you want to avoid coding, then you must use this Astra pro addon because it is a setting, which can be used to set up the setting. But the theme of your website will be fully designed, you can design it the way you want.

Astra Pro Addon Plugin Features

If you have installed the Astra plugin by searching on the WordPress theme, searching the Astra plugin to setup it and want to download, then you have come to the right place because here the Astra plugin gives you free Download option is available, you can download from there. Now I am going to tell you about some of the best features of Astra pro addon plugin below, you can use this plugin by reading those features.

Powerful Design Option

Astra pro plugin has very powerful features, we are going to show all those options below if you want to use it, then definitely read this feature, we are going to share only pro features in it.

This is a premium header that sticks the header upwards even when users are scrolling so that all options on the header stick upwards when scrolling. Let’s see well the design of the website.

Mobile Headers – In today’s time everyone is using mobile, that’s why most people also run internet on mobile, so this feature is the best. Those who can custom and adjust the mobile breakpoint set the logo and menu stall etc. colour separately for the mobile device.

Page Headers – If you want to add a header to a page, of course, you can add, because many people on the website want to add pages and posts to the page, so this There is a custom page that you can easily add to any page.

Mega Menu – You can add a mega menu to your website, such as a mega menu and include, which also add a drop of the beautiful template with your favourite builder, Mega Menu is an option that is very cool The post mega menu already shows it.

Colours & Typography – As you know, the Pro version has a lot of colours and fonts, all colours and points are unlocked, so use any typography or colour to customize your entire website. can do.

Site Layouts

Astra plugin has a lot of layouts added, if you use the free version theme, you will get some layouts together, but in this pro plugin you are getting many layouts, which we are going to tell below.

The primary content in the Boxed – Astra theme has been added to the boxed layout so that other content seen on the page will look somewhat different, a layout that everyone wants to use.

Full Width – If you want to keep the layout of the website in full width, you can use it, because you can also apply full-width layout in homepage or single post. Which will show the posts and content on the whole page in your website theme, meaning the width and length will be equal.

Padded – You can give a padded look on the edge of your material, meaning that you can put a padded look on the edge of your layout, adding a border.

This is the best option in Fluid Layout – Astra theme, if you want to add fluid layout, the screen of your laptop or mobile will spread across the website, meaning that it is a means of spreading the website across the screen.

Spacing Control – In this plugin you are getting the option of this spacing addon, which you can add a margin and padding around the elements, which means around the layout. One can override.

Colors & Background

Above Header – Through this option, you can add colours to the top part of your theme page, set the background of the top part as per your wish and different colours and backgrounds for a mobile device can be easy Can be set from.

Below Header – If you want to change the background colour on the underside of your theme, if you want, you can easily change all the colours on the bottom.

Sticky header – Provides an option to change the colour on the sticky header on the Astra theme website, you can change the colour on the background of your choice on the sticky header and also colour the series.

Content – Astra plugin you can add different colours to any place, meaning you can add your colour with content if you want to make the interface of the content good. If you do, then add colour, this website is a way to make the theme good.

Blog Layouts

Now we are going to tell you about some layout of the blog, because if you want to use the Pro version plugin, then all types of layouts are connected in it, we will tell about all those layouts, we can use them.

Grid Layout – Astra theme Using a blog layout, you can add all types of posts on your blog page to a grid layout, meaning your content is four to six seven. Can be folded into eight parts, which looks like a square.

Masonry Layout – This layout is going to be terrific because it has seen so many layouts in a way, if it uses such a layout, everyone will be shocked. If you want to use the layout in your blog post, then definitely use content, it shows awesome layout.

Date Box – Astra plugin allows you to show date on every post and page, you can show data on the home page itself, you can show date in any social Can get it done. For example, you can get a dating show in a single post.

Blog Structure Control – You can show the post according to you, like the post is shown on the home page of the post, in it you can choose the date, meta description and image according to it and also select its size.

Highlight First Post – Astra theme highlights the first post, meaning that the first post is read by users or not, so this highlight when the first post is published Does and looks different in all posts.

Blog Content Width – Through this option, you can manage the content of your theme, meaning that the post can fit the content according to the width and length of your content, you can keep the width as you want, by this option.

Infinite Loading – This option is very special, if any user reads the post well down and wants to go upwards, then the infinite option Can use it, just tick it and it will move towards the direct header.

Astra addon plugin has many features, you can use any option as per your wish, as we told about some of the best features of this plugin Hai, by reading those features, you can also use them easily, otherwise, it does not make any difference and you can also use the features.

Astra Pro Addon v2.6.2 – Premium Plugin for Astra Theme Demo / Preview

Today we are sharing Astra pro addon plugin for free, through this post, if you want to download for free, you can download from below, but here we are showing a demo of Astra pro plugin if If you have never seen this plugin, you can see its demo and also by clicking on the link below.

  • Below are the demos of the Astra plugin, which can be downloaded by watching the demo of the first plugin.

Demo Link:-

Free Download Astra Pro Addon v2.6.2 [Latest Version] – Premium Plugin for WordPress

  • In this article, we are sharing the link to download about the Astra pro addon plugin, in this article you share the link of Mediafire, which is Mediafire link, which allows for fast downloading is.
  • If you want to download the plugin for free on this way, click on the link below and you can download direct.
  • After downloading Astra pro plugin you can install it in your WordPress, but I am going to tell you a very simple way to install.
  • First of all, open WordPress and go to edit option, then click on file upload option and select your file and upload it and then click on install button and install shortly You can then click on Activ and enjoy this plugin.
  • After activating the Astra plugin you can now do customization, customization you can do by reading the features, it is very easy to set up the theme within 5 minutes Can.

Download Astra Pro Addon Plugin:-


If you are a blogger or website developer, you must be downloading the theme and plugin, that’s why we share the premium plugin or theme on this website for free if you want to download the pro plugin like this for free, then the link above Read it, copy it and can download it.

Hopefully, you will like this post, so do share it with your friends on social media otherwise if there are any problems, then related to this plugin then in the comment box let us Of course. Explain..!

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